Review: ‘La Forêt/The Forest’ – a Netflix Original

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I recently finished watching La Forêt (The Forest), a six-part Netflix Original series by Delinda Jacbos that was released on June 29.

It is about a teenage girl named Jennifer who disappears from her small village near the Ardennes Forest. Captain Gaspard Decker (Samuel Labarthe) and cop Virginie Musso (Suzanne Clément), who knows Jennifer well, lead the investigation. With help from Eve (Alexia Barlier), a concerned teacher with a mysterious past, the group begins to discover unsettling clues and secrets.

Captain Gaspard Decker (left) and cop Virginie Musso. Image via IMDb

La Forêt is French with English subtitles, which to me adds more urgency and suspense. Subtitles can be annoying and I find I have to be in the mood to watch films and shows that have them. But in my opinion, La Forêt is so well done, both in directing and storytelling, that you become immersed to the point that you begin to forget that you’re watching a show with subtitles.

There have been a lot of mixed reviews about La Forêt, such as that “it moved too quickly”, “there were plot holes”, “the characters were underdeveloped”, and that the story was just like any other missing persons drama, especially ones where people disappear into the woods and never return.

But personally, I really enjoyed the story and thought it was well-written and directed. I also found the characters to all be very interesting, and that the actors that played them to be very convincing. The only thing I have a bit of a problem with is the lack of development of a relationship between two of the show’s primary characters… you’ll see what I mean when you watch!

Eve Mendel. Photo via JustWatch

In addition, I loved the instrumental music that was used throughout the show, especially during scenes that were more suspenseful or mysterious. The main soundtrack for La Forêt was composed by Etienne Forget and it is so beautiful because it’s largely acoustic and orchestral with guitar, piano and some strings, and at the same time almost eery and “alien” with its subtle use of electronic sounds. Make sure to keep an ear out for it!

If you haven’t watched it yet, La Forêt is the fictional crime-drama you’ve been missing out on, and it’s totally binge-worthy. It is intriguing from beginning to end, and it’s full of revelations and cliffhangers that keep you guessing. It reminds me a lot of CTV’s Cardinal – I highly recommend it, plus Season 2 came out back in January so there are plenty of episodes to watch.

What can I say, I love crime-dramas and thrillers, fictional or not. I just really, really enjoy a good mystery!

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Check out La Forêt (The Forest) on Netflix and let me know what you think!