R. House, Baltimore

Once we finished our visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art (you can see some of my favourite pieces here), we headed out in search of lunch.

While at his Johns Hopkins University visit day, my boyfriend met some of the people who would be in his program and some of the faculty who suggested some restaurants that were a ‘must’ including R. HouseR. House is a food hall in the former Anderson Body Shop warehouse that has 10 counters featuring a variety of local cuisine. From arepas and sushi, to tacos and poké, there were so many tasty and flavourful options to choose from!Food counters at R. House‘Good Times Ahead’ were promised upon entering the eating hall. Given that it was lunchtime, the place was packed! But it didn’t take us long to find a seat, which is good because it took us (or at least me) a while to decide what to eat.

We decided on getting something from ARBA, a food stall specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. ‘Arba’ means ‘four’ in Arabic and Hebrew, and according to owner Farid Salloum the word also “represents food, family, friends, and community,” as well as the four main dishes on ARBA’s menu.I got the Chicken Kabobs served over rice, and my boyfriend got the Beef Shawarma served over rice.

We both got a pint at the R. Bar – ‘Anthem’ golden ale by Union Craft Brewing for me (because of it’s decidedly American name and because it was created in honour of the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key’s penning of The Star Spangled Banner just outside of Fort McHenry, Baltimore!); ‘Calvert Cream Ale’ by Calvert Brewing Company for my boyfriend.Chicken Kabob served over rice from ARBA Mediterranean @ R. House, Baltimore, with an 'Anthem' golden ale by Union Craft BrewingBeef Shawarma served over rice from ARBA Mediterranean @ R. House, Baltimore, with a 'Calvert Cream Ale' by Calvert Brewing CompanyMmm – Everything was so delicious! It’s a good thing my boyfriend will be going to Johns Hopkins University for the next four years because there’s a lot of food at R. House that I NEED to try! After we finished our food and drinks, we headed back to our Air BnB for a much needed rest before hitting the Downtown and Harbour Front for the rest of the day.

Have you been to R. House? If so, which stall is your favourite? Let me know what I should be trying next!

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