Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore

The next stop on our adventure was the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus, where we walked around taking in the architecture and green spaces before heading over the Baltimore Museum of Art.Merrick Barn at Johns Hopkins UniversityJohns Hopkins University Homewood CampusJohns Hopkins University was founded in 1876, with its main campus originally located on Howard Street. Over the next few decades, the school began to outgrow its buildings and its trustees began the search for a new place for the school to call home.

A group of prominent locals came up with a solution by acquiring Homewood, the north Baltimore estate of Charles Carroll, the son of the oldest surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence. On February 22, 1902, this land was formally transferred to the university.Johns Hopkins Homewood CampusAfter some time, we found our way to the museum. I was surprised by how big it was, considering it is located on campus.Baltimore Museum of ArtSome surprising facts about the museum is that is internationally renowned for its collection of 19th-century modern and contemporary art, and that it has more than 1,000 works by Henri Matisse – the largest public holding of his works in the world! I also didn’t realize how many artists and art collectors were from Baltimore.

I love museums and art galleries, and I think the Baltimore Museum of Art is now one of my favourites. Here are some of my favourite pieces from its collection:

Green Grapes, 1877 (left) and Red Grapes, 1876
Andrew John Henry Way Luxembourg Gardens, c. 1885
Abbott Fuller GravesLady with a Fan, 1911
Thomas Wilmer DewingPaysage (A Winter Day in Brittany), 1881
William Lamb PicknellStill Life with Pitcher and Plate, 1887
Félix VallottonFrenchwoman: Portrait of a Lady from Honfleur, 1923
Leon Kroll   The Three Graces, n.d.
Dirk de Quade van RavesteynStill Life with Oranges, 1880s
Victor VignonLittle Gypsy, c. 1850
Edme-Alexis-Alfred DehodencqMy most favourite piece was La Vachère, 1888 (left) and its preceding study titled In the Grove, both by Theodore Robinson. Here I am looking at the two pieces side-by-side.

Have you been to the Baltimore Museum of Art? If so, what are some of your favourite pieces of art in its collection?


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